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Vnesite vaš elektronski naslov in dobivali boste nasvete farmacevta, novosti in ostala obvestila v vaš elektronski nabiralnik.


The Gorenjske Lekarne are a public pharmaceutical institution, which is in compliance with the Institutes Act registered at the Magistrate Court in Kranj and registered in the commercial register under number: 909/93 from 2.8.1993.

In compliance with the Decree on the Use of Standard Industrial Classification (the official gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, number 34/94 and 3/95) the institution is enabled to carry out the following activities:

  • the activities of pharmacy 
  • production of pharmaceutical preparations 
  • other medical activities, d.n. 

In the Republic of Slovenia there are the second biggest public pharmaceutical institution in the country, as far as the number of units and employed, as well as the turnover is concerned. The public pharmaceutical institution Gorenjske Lekarne provides medicaments for the inhabitants of 16 municipalities in the Gorenjska region. In the municipalities Kranj, Škofja Loka, Jesenice and Tržič there are, besides the Gorenjske Lekarne, also some private pharmacies which provide medicaments for the inahabitants of the region.

Both laboratories work also for outside business partners. The administration board is in charge of the bookkeeping and finances, automatic data processing, investments and renovations.
The institution has the title of an institute of learning and a mentorship is organized to carry out the internship for all the students who graduated or obtained a degree in a certain pharmaceutical field. There is also a pharmaco-informative service. If you need expert information and advice on the usage drugs, please feel free to fill out the following form and send it to us. You can expect an answer within a week.
Within the pharmaceutical activity of the public institution of the Gorenjske Lekarne there is also an ‘on duty service’ which provides the inhabitants of the wide Gorenjska region with the medicaments.